Why Video Conferencing is important?

In times past, when you wanted to hold a meeting with clients or business partners in other cities, you had to shell out a lot of money on airfare, hotels, meals, and taxis. Business travel can be a stressful activity, physically demanding, and time consuming, taking him or her away from family and other obligations.

Because of the costs of business travel, technology companies have been studying and developing video conferencing technology since the 1950s. However, the technology only became practical in the 1980s and tended to be expensive. As the 20th century drew to a close, video conferencing plunged in cost and increased in capability. Applications such as Skype and Ichat could turn any computer workstation into a video conferencing system, albeit of lower quality than a dedicated unit.

Now any business with the wherewithal to have a video conferencing system installed can hold meetings with participants anywhere in the world. People as far apart as Tokyo, London, or Charlotte, North Carolina can meet in real time without leaving their home cities, exchanging ideas and making decisions in less time than it takes for someone to drive to the airport.

Why is video conferencing support necessary?

A video conferencing system is a complex piece of technology. As with all technology in the modern world, it can break down, because of a software glitch or a hardware fault, occasionally at the most inconvenient times. One factor that holds some companies back from investing in a video conferencing system is the fear that it might not be available when it is needed for a meeting with participants across the globe. Breakdowns can result in increased costs, time lost, and general aggravation.

Clearly, if you want to be able to hold meetings with remote participants from the comfort of your offices, an excellent video conferencing support team is vital. That is where Network Essentials comes in.

The solution offered by Network Essentials is so sophisticated, with such low bandwidth costs, that you will be able to hold meetings from the comfort of your office or even from a workstation at your home with ease. The connections will be kept reliable with help available as needed should something go wrong.

If you are interested in the video conferencing services offered by Network Solutions or any of the other IT solutions that are available, feel free to contact us.


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