Advantage and Disadvantage of Cloud Computing Services

The cloud computing is excellent. Cloud computing enables you to access your usual services over the internet for a lower cost.


  • It costs less because you are able to dispense with expensive software
  • No more server problems, backup system snafus, or over-the-top down-time.



  • If you do not have enough bandwidth or live in an area where you cannot get good internet service then the Cloud can be very slow.
  • If you have already established a system of technology, it might not be a good move economically to start all over.
  • You are putting your data on a shared server; however, your information is very well protected because these companies are experts at security issues.

Organizations seeking a cloud service provider should look for the following things:

  • You should like the company you choose, agree with their principles, and be able to develop a mutual trust and respect with the representatives you work with.
  • The cloud service provider should have good technical expertise and be proficient with both its technology and an understanding of your business.
  • There should be a third-party compliance audit. Cloud service providers need to be able to show that they can live up to the promises they’re making.


Cloud computing can be used quite effectively in many industries, especially those that require records to be systematically and chronologically maintained.

 The Network Essentials provides IT consulting services in Charlotte. Look for an IT consulting company that specializes in small and medium business network design.

In order to help organizations better align their systems with their strategy and make the most of their IT investments, a .good IT consulting company should offer:

  • Effective communication skills.
  • the right vendors for your needs
  • Development and data analysis
  • Policy review and development
  • Each customer should have a computer network engineer assigned to them. When you have a question, you get the benefit of a familiar, informed professional that is invested in your success.
  • A managed services plan should successfully stabilize your network.
  • A good company will assess your current technology environment and plan for your future needs.


The services Network Essentials offers are excellent. Remember, Cloud computing enables you to access your usual services for less money because you won’t need expensive software.


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